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"Our mission is to bring more light and love into this world by helping all beings heal at a Soul level; connect to their own unique gifts, awaken their inner light and find their way." Tabatha

Now Accepting Custom Mala Requests

We would love to talk with you about your custom Mala. Malas will take a couple of weeks to make, they will be Reiki charged, and sent to you with light and love. Once you decide what gemstones you would like and we agree on a price an invoice will be sent to you for payment, before the making of the Mala begins.

Contact Jerri at rfhbwgk@gmail.com

to order your customized Mala.

Would you like to customize your own Sage Fan?

Contact Jerri at rfhbwgk@gmail.com to request a consultation on collaborating on the design of your personal Sage Fan.

Coming Soon

Reiki Healing coming soon...
Contact Jerri
to find out more